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The Triple Check System

There is no room for "I think I did it" or "I'm pretty sure" Is this system. This system takes you from MAYBE to CERTAIN in a few quick steps.
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Ever had staff that keep making simple errors due to lack of care and attention? 

Or do you forget things and make simple mistakes? 

Then this system is for you! 

 This system can be used for many things – like security for doors windows and alarms and even can be used to ensure that you don’t leave a coffee on the roof of your car and drive off, or leave stuff behind in a hotel room or at a workshop. 

There is no room for “I think I did it” or “I’m pretty sure I locked the door” Is this system. This system takes you from MAYBE to CERTAIN in a few quick steps.

Of Course, the real solution is to be totally able to observe the present moment at all times and never ever make any errors ever. This is called Reaganing.

Reaganing – A continual streak of perfection. Named after the 40th President of the USA Ronald Reagan. Example sentence: “I have been Reaganing this whole day. Every single thing I have done has been completed perfectly and then some.”  The Ideal is to be Reaganing. As this is not a viable solution for everyone the next best thing is The Triple check system.


Here is how you do it. ( or how to train a staff member in how to do it ). 

  1. Become alert that something is IMPORTANT. Like locking a door, ensuring you have not left the iron or stove on, or ensuring that someone understands something.
  2. Perform the action. Eg:  Lock the Door.
  3. CHECK that it is perfect.
  4. DOUBLE CHECK. -Pull the door handle – it is still locked?
  5. TRIPLE CHECK  – Take one step away… pretend you are leaving…

 Then SPIN and check the door handle again!

If you are leaving a hotel room and want to really make sure that you are not leaving anything behind you must actually go outside the room then leap back in and look about. The socks and cords and shirts that were hiding from you when you left will have come out of hiding and you can grab them.

Now later on when you are at home away from the office and you wonder, or if someone asks you “Did you lock the door?” you can recall back “Oh yes… I checked, I double checked and then I Triple checked!

FINAL NOTE: SOMETIMES the triple check is not enough!!

So for this, we have an advanced system. It’s called the quadruple, quintuple, sextuple, septuple, octuple…. you get the idea. Just keep checking until you are SURE the door is locked. Hopefully, this won’t take long. If you have to stand there and check the door for an hour or more to become certain, then that’s what it takes. One day you will only have to check twice. Then only once. Then certainly dawns and before long you will be Reganing.

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