Executive Training

We create capable CEOs with staff-driven practices that positively impact their communities.

Case Manager Training

The Business Academy’s trained Case Managers are closing upwards of 90% of high case fees.

Staff Training

Competent team members are the key to your freedom within your healthcare practice. The Business Academy will train your existing staff for you. We assist in on-boarding new staff; remotely training your new staff and personally training/apprenticing them.

Online University

The Online University is a comprehensive online library of courses covering on-boarding and training your Front Desk Staff, Marketing Director, Case Manager, CEO systems, team building and more. 24-7 training for you and your team!


As you progress on your program the following consulting is a standard protocol to keep you expanding and reaching your goals:

1)     Strategic Plan Consulting: The 1st written 90 Day Strategic Plan will be done immediately after one becomes a client by a highly-trained specialist. This executive coach will reverse engineer the tactical steps to execute in order to achieve your goal.  These written Strategic Programs are done quarterly to keep you expanding and reaching your goals.

2)     Implementation Consulting: Your Implementation Consultant will hold your hand and ensure you are reaching your goals. 

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