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We create capable CEOs with staff-driven practices that positively impact their communities.


The difference between a struggling practice or an expanding, flourishing one, would be its marketing strategy and its level of systems training. The Business Academy offers many Training and Implementation Programs. Training is delivered at our Academy by highly-trained specialists at our our training center. The primary activity of training is drilling and a focus on application to the practice. TBA training courses contain drills so that you or your staff have the best handling for any scenario. This advanced training is the backbone of the TBA program


report of findings

TBA’s trained Case Managers are enrolling 80% of patients on the doctor’s recommended treatment plans. Here you’ll learn the art of how an education-based Report of Findings will help a patient become self-determined and demand your treatment plan without any hard sell tactics! This training is so effective that over 50% of TBA’s clients have delegated the ROF to a Case Manager (staff).

Management basics

This vital CEO Training Course and Implementation Program will help you establish the foundation of Management. Here you’ll learn the exact cause of extra and unnecessary work, how to organize personnel, how to precisely manage staff with metrics, how to get your team’s daily and weekly activity to align to your company Purpose and much more.


Here you will learn the true cause of a Roller-Coaster practice and how to develop a team of drivers. This training will give you the ultimate security to building the dream team.


Competent team members managed with the correct metrics are the key to your freedom. The Business Academy will train your staff for you. We will assist in onboarding new staff, remotely training your new staff and personally training and apprenticing your staff at our Training Headquarters and monthly Workshops.


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