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How to Get
80% Patient Acceptance

Join Dr. Gary Rademacher, acclaimed chiropractic owner & consultant, for his live Chiropractic Mentorship Webinars discussion on How to Get 80% Patient Acceptance. Understand what a ruin is and why finding it for every patient is so important. Dive into the psychology behind ROF failures and how to correct.

Learn the exact process Dr. Gary used to move from being stuck at 30% Patient Acceptance rate (for non-referral patients) to consistently closing ANY New Patient at 80%+.

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This webinar also includes a BONUS!

Chiropractic Sales Secrets: Finding Practice Freedom

Created exclusively for chiropractors, this guidebook explains the 5 Secrets To Sales Success, How To Become A Master Closer, and 11 Reasons Why The Close Fails.

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About the Speaker

Dr. Gary Rademacher

I have always had the mindset that I needed a coach in business. I spent the first 10 years of my career bouncing from one consultant to another. Yes, they all helped to some degree but I found myself struggling still. Until I joined The Business Academy. Not only did TBA help me with getting patients started on care, but they opened my eyes to all the possibilities I had when learning how to be an entrepreneur. Fast forward 12 years and I can truly say that my success has come from one decision. The decision to work with TBA!


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