New Seminar Series

The Business Academy's Communication & Closing Seminar Series

Introducing our newest seminar series! The Communication & Closing Seminar Package includes 3 different two-day seminars focused on how to communicate with and close more patients! Each seminar will be held in Clearwater, Florida and the package includes training for your entire team!

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Summary of Seminars

This is a seminar series for the whole team to become true professionals in handling patients and starting them on full care plans. They are all delivered in Clearwater, Florida as well as live streamed so anyone can have access. Clients are strongly encouraged to ensure practice owner as well as key Case Management personnel are there in person to participate in the live Q&A and in-person drilling while other staff can receive all the information from the comfort of your practice.

This series includes three, 2 day long seminars: A, B & C , which are all included into the same packaged price for you and your staff.



How to Identify Potential “Problem Patients”

Practices will see many different types of prospective patients. Most of them will be easy to manage and treat, however there is a small percentage of them that will be difficult and can create havoc in your practice and could negatively affect future delivery and staff, bringing the practice down. We will show you how to identify and handle “problem patients,” before they ever enter your service line and the very specific and identifiable characteristics of these patients will be taught in detail in Seminar A.

How to be Comfortable Presenting any Type of Care Plan

Presenting a care plan and doing the finances at the close can cause stress and discomfort at times. We will show you how to stay focused and comfortable through the entire process so you will not be backed off or uncomfortable about selling (or the financial discussion) with specific tools and practical role playing.

How to Communicate Effectively with Patients

Communication is the cornerstone of human relations. It’s also the most important component in the sales process. It also happens to be one of the most misunderstood subjects you can find anywhere! Find out what communication really is and how to truly “connect” with your patients (or anyone for that matter). Learn the formula to excellent, effective, professional communication – that gets results!

Right Attitude in Presenting Treatment Plans

What sometimes starts as a full care plan to help the patient really heal, ends up with the patient doing the bare minimum. Care Plan presentations can go south very fast as patients go through various emotions about paying for their services. This can get so bad that some doctors or case managers don’t even present a full treatment plan fearing that the patient will become upset. By maintaining the proper attitude and addressing the care plan with your patient the right way, you’ll present correctly, and patients will begin to accept full treatment plans – regardless of insurance coverage.



How to raise the emotional tone of different Types of People (Patients)
People are different. We’ve all known that on some levels all of our lives. But, if this is the case, how can you communicate effectively with anyone who walks through your door? Twenty percent of the patients who walk in are easy to handle. Twenty percent can be trouble (see Seminar A). This means sixty percent (the majority) may not be the easiest to manage – but they can all be turned into great patients. Learn how to identify, communicate with and manage different types of patients to turn them into long-term patients who follow through with treatment.
What are the 5 Phases of a Sales Cycle?
Everyone, we repeat, everyone goes through, in sequence, five very specific phases when buying a service or product. This may be fast or it may be slow. Chances are you’ve had patients on the cusp of going ahead with their treatment, only to give up and let them walk out the door. Find out how to identify these phases and which “phase” a patient is in while you’re presenting a case. We’ll also show you how to move them through this process and go ahead with treatment.
How to Help your Patients Overcome Objections
Discover how to assist your patients to overcome barriers and objections to paying for and starting treatment.
The Source of Sales Failure: Learn the source of sales failure (and how to avoid it).
Tools to fully manage your Case Management Department
One of the biggest challenges practices have is not having the tools to proper manage the Case Manager position. There are specific meetings, statistics and tools for Case Managers to have to maintain high production and for the manager over the area to help keep that increasing.



Full Case Management Sequence
Learn the full Case Management procedure for an Integrated and Chiropractic Day 1 and Day 2 and how to use the awareness scale throughout it to ensure your patients get up demanding for their improvement and are fully committed to care.
How to Properly Present Treatment Plans
Options are a part of any treatment discussion with a patient. At the same time, we’d all prefer that patients accept the option that’s best for both their clinical and personal situation. Find out how to discuss options so that patients select the one that best fits their situation – as opposed to the cheapest one available.
Handling Patients Financial Objections and Closing Techniques
“I can’t afford it,” is a common enough objection. Especially in these more challenged economic times. However, in a majority of cases a patient will say this regardless of whether it’s true or not. They will then turn around and buy something (like an expensive handbag) that doesn’t positively impact their health. Many offices find this quite frustrating. Learn how to handle the financial discussion with patients so that they make the best choice for their health.
The Four Steps of Selling
We present the four basic steps of presenting a treatment plan from start to finish. Ultimately, it’s up to your patient to decide whether they’re going to go through with a treatment plan. Using these steps, you’ll be able to really “reach” your patients and get them truly motivated, resolute and committed (i.e., financially) about pursuing needed treatment.
Increase your Case Acceptance
When you use the information for your Report of Findings, patients understand their treatment plans like they never have before. They in turn want the treatment they need. To be frank, it can make you feel good to be a doctor again.
Improve communication with every patient
These seminars teach you easy, effective methods to communicate with your patients and handle objections so they accept and pay for the treatment plans.
Do what’s best for the patient
No more feeling like insurance companies are dictating treatment. And “phased” treatment plans to accommodate insurance coverage becomes more and more of a thing of the past. Learn how to help patients get the full care plans they need, regardless of what insurance covers.

What you will learn at these seminars

Here are some highlights:

And much more...

With all of this in place, collections rise, your patients are healthier, and the practice runs smoother.

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