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"It's Dr. Brian Dahmer here with a quick video message. If you're ready to escape the daily grind, join The Business Academy. They have the resources to get you out of your practice and into your dream life."
Dr. Brian Dahmer
Family Chiropractic Center for wellness
| TBA Program
"So many times we need to be reminded of the characteristics of an effective leader. This course did just that and made me realize where I needed to improve. Sometimes we assume that we have handled or mastered leadership when in fact behind the scenes it is quite the opposite. Self-reflection is hard but necessary. I have taken this information and summarized the key points as a reminder of the areas that need improvement. I have already seen an increase in my ability to make things go right and improve the growth of my company."
Brian Dahmer, D.C.
Effective Leadership | July 14, 2022
"Clarity and stability lead to success in implementing the purpose of the organization. When I as the executive do not fully know or understand a process in the office, i.e. what to do, then chaos is created. After this course my understanding of the executive post has shifted dramatically. What was once seen as staggering now has tools to be achievable."
Dr. Jabob Taylor
Executive Fundamentals | July 13, 2022
"Through the study course I found the breakdown of 'Barriers to Learning' was quite helpful. Breaking down problems and being able to categorize the barriers will save time and help correct the issue., This will give me more confidence as I try to learn new things and I hope to become more confident and able in detecting barriers in my own staff and even my child. I find it refreshing that it is a 'how to learn/how to teach' course and not *just* a business course as I was expecting."
Dr. Kelly Clark
Study Skills for Life | July 10, 2022
"Realizing and understanding how to identify the operating state "condition" measured by statistics. The fact - the law that if the correct condition is identified and the condition formula is applied (then) the condition will improve and the stat will go up! I'm excited to use these tools to identify our operating conditions with our staff at least weekly/monthly and continue to expand our business!"
Kelly Langston
Formulas for Business Success
"Amazing course. A lot of eye opening concepts that can help confront everyday issues & live better and more efficient."
Dr. Richard Samperisi
Overcoming the Stresses of Work and Life | July 9, 2022
“I have a lot of friends that I graduated with that are a little resistant to do anything. There’s a lot of people that are comfortable with doing things where they are. But you’ve got to push past that comfort zone and put some trust into people that know how to do things you don’t know how to do, things that will take you to the next level. And that’s what TBA has done for our office. And now we’re busier than ever. We’ve been slowly integrating more and more and more, and it just seems to be working better and better, to a degree that I didn’t think possible. I put a lot of trust and faith into TBA, more so than I thought I would ever give to any outside organization. It’s an all in one package. We’re talking about goals of getting to 350, even 400 patients a week, which would be great. We might end up maximizing the office space here. I’m debating on whether to keep it all right here or start expanding out to the Buffalo and Syracuse regions. I’m proud to tell this story. I’m happy. I’m excited because TBA has gotten me to places I never thought possible. Because of that it’s allowing me to reach my own goals and dreams, but also help as many people as possible. I’m reaching more people out there that I never thought I could before.”
Dr. Donnelli
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Dr. Joseph Taylor
Renewed wellness | Communications & Closing Seminars
“Before our in-office delivery, I understood that there was a framework and I understood there was going to be a lot of things that we need to do differently. And once we had the in-house, it really just put everything into more of a playbook approach. I could really get a lot of those things accomplished in that week with your help, but I think it would have taken me another six months on my own. It really just simplified it, I think, to a large degree. If your father tells you to do something, you’re like, nah, but if the coach comes around and says the same thing, now your father looks like a genius. So, when the doctor tells you to do something and the staff is like, what is this new fandangled kind of coaching thing you got going on? When the coach came in and reiterated all of that, it just really made a lot more sense to me, but also to the staff. And then we got a lot of traction from that.”
Dr. Maloney
"By sheer luck or happenstance or dogged stubbornness perhaps, my business partner and I together have built and run a multimillion dollar chiropractic office for over a decade. The cost of building this company however has been immense, not just financially but emotionally and physically. It has strained every relationship in our personal lives, and nearly cost both of us our marriages. How did we manage to get this far without knowing this material? After going through Business Management Basics I feel reenergized to rebuild our company on a solid foundation. There are universal principles here that are organized and digestible and ready for anyone in any industry to implement immediately. When speaking with my coach after the course was done I was nearly in tears over the joy and gratitude I felt. Running this company is a visceral experience, and way of life that is tied to every fiber of my being. Now I can finally say I have the tools and resources to achieve what I had envisioned; a successful company that gives back more than gets and leaves a lasting impact on my community and everyone that it touches. Thank you TBA and my coaches Darrell, Mindy and Nicole!"
Dr. Maloney
“Before starting with New Patient Machine, we were limited in the types of patients we were bringing in. We’d been TBA clients for a while when New Patient Machine was launched. So we went for it. NPM saves us a ton of time and energy. We run a knee pain ad which gets patients to start with us. But once they’re in the door, we can educate them on full body care. Then, they come to us for chiropractic, regenerative medicine, everything. They’re seeking us out. Because of COVID, we can’t host events. But we don’t have to worry about finding new patients. NPM has become our main source of leads. It’s a huge value. By linking our clients' care experience to social media, they start referring us to others and write positive reviews. It’s great. If we have requests or ideas, the NPM team takes them to heart. They let us know honestly what they think will work for us. It’s not just ‘okay, here’s a random ad we posted. Hope it works for you.’ They work with our clinic personally which is awesome. I would totally recommend NPM to others, and I have. We’ve been with TBA for forever and it’s been great!”
Dr. Cohen
"I have been in the Chiropractic field for more than 20 years. I have worked most areas of the business. This course has given me the tools that I was lacking to respond to patients in many problem areas, such as, when a patient minimizes their symptoms. I speak with patients of different backgrounds and a vast variety of financial situations. It is necessary to be able to speak with the patient and help them understand the importance of their health and assist them to make this priority financially possible. This course certainly gives me more tools that I originally had to make this possible."
Kelly Wray - Dr. Grose
“As a business owner for 34 years, I look back over my career and wonder where I would be now if I had the knowledge that I gleaned from this course early on in my career. My chiro education taught me .00001% of the practical aspects of running a practice that could become a successful business and ultimately a strong and profitable enterprise. This course is ground zero, the business course I needed 35 years ago. It is an introduction to many of the concepts needed to realize my goal. There is a lot more to learn and implement. I’m on the path to taking responsibility for my life and my practice… being at cause.”
Dr. Gary Arthur
Management Basics Course
"Since going through the TBA training and implementation we have seen roughly a 30-40% increase in patient visits in a very short amount of time. In early February of this year we moved into a new building that is three times the size and have had absolutely no problem filling it up in just one month! The training TBA provides is incredibly informative, motivational and truly helpful for many different aspects of the practice. Our entire team works hard together and has fun together every day!"
Dr. Wesley Johnson

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"The course was great for helping me organize the sales cycle. I saw we were doing one step out of order and we were not taking a second step far enough. I look forward to putting the changes in this week and seeing what happens to our closing stats."


"Management Basics is stellar. I found the Conditions and Formula applications to be extremely helpful. The detail offered in managing by statistics is powerful. The trainers absolutely helped make it understandable and were a fantastic resource for questions. Can't wait to implement."


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