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Communication & Closing Seminar Part A

The Communication & Closing Seminar Package includes 3 different two-day seminars focused on how to communicate with and close more patients! Each seminar will be held in Clearwater, Florida and the package includes training for your entire team!

West Coast 1 Day Workshop

Can’t make it all the way to Florida? Visit our Training Center in Phoenix, Arizona to complete you and your staff on your TBA training – building your office into a team of specialists and attend our in-person workshop. From September 14th to the 17th, you will be able to visit our Training Center where you and your staff will get the training you need to rocket your stats into the stratosphere. And our role playing will ensure that all your specialists become a team of Professionals. View the calendar to the right to select the available dates for your training.

Financial Prosperity Seminar

Take control of your INCOME, increase profitability, and take your practice’s financial future to new heights! We’re ready to help you take control of your practice financials so you can maximize revenue, increase profitability, and gain certainty around your financial future. You’ll learn how to isolate each of your Income Sources, work out their profitability and thereby where to invest more of your money within the practice to make them more profitable. Better understand your bottom line and the connection it has with each PRODUCTION STATISTIC in your office and who they are assigned to. Implementing condition formulas to your practice financials and create FINANCIAL PROSPERITY.

New Patient Workshop

Our New Patient Workshop gets into the nitty gritty on how to consistently generate more new, high quality patients in your practice. We take a deep dive into the tools, tactics and strategies you need to create an effective marketing program for your practice. Gain an effective system to attract, convert and retain qualified new patients in volume. No gimmicks. Just knowledge.



Our workshops are led by industry experts with over 93 years of combined experience running their own practice empires.


Every workshop is designed with actionable steps you can take right now that actually make an impact, instead of fluffy content.


We always include drilling sessions designed to mimic real life scenarios so you can perfect your pitch and close with ease.


Our workshops aren’t just for doctors! Office managers and staff can also train to become a team of rockstar performers.


We don’t repeat the same topics over and over. Our workshops adapt to the ever changing world.


Experience active, engaging, and valuable discussions that provide so much more than a traditional lecture.

Our 2023 Workshop Calendar.

We are excited to see you at a future workshop!

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