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Secret Hiring Tips

In this series I am going to go over some powerful tips that you can use to enhance your hiring strategies.

The Car Test

A good way to give your evaluation of potential staff an edge, Is what I call the Car Test.

Evaluation of potential hires, usually includes an evaluation of the state of dress and professionalism in appearance…

What would you think if the applicant came in with a massive spaghetti sauce stain on their shirt…and you said “Hey you spilled some of your lunch on yourself” and they say “No, that was from last night’s dinner” Or an applicant comes in with one shoe on and you say “Buddy! You lost a shoe!” and he says “No, I found one.”


I’m joking a little here, hopefully they are not that bad!


Here is how its done. While interviewing the person have a trained observer quietly head out to the parking lot and look over their car.

What you are looking for is indicators that show how the person is doing in life, and how much they take care of their possessions.

The car with be in one of these states or an average of 2…

  1. Perfect. Recently cleaned professionally. Car looks new.No dents or scratches or broken pieces. No rubbish inside at all. Any personal items inside the car stowed away tidily.

  2. Pretty good. A bit dusty but over all clean. Maybe a small scratch or dent. Stuff on the backseat maybe… small bit of rubbish on the floor possibly.

  3. Not so good. Dirty. Garbage in the car. Lots of stuff scattered about. Stuff that looks like its been in the car for weeks, old fast food, car looks like a trashed storage unit. Dents, scratches.

  4. Trashed. Dirty, dented, missing a side mirror, one of the wheels is the mini donut wheel, and one of the windows is a plastic bag and the inside of the car looks like someone upended a dumpster into it.

Now I’m not proposing that you use this as the only indicator on who to hire. It’s just another way to evaluate a potential hire.

But its a VERY good way. A person can have a wash and iron a shirt to do an interview, but will they maintain this care of themselves? The Car Test will tell you.

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1 thought on “Secret Hiring Tips”

  1. Rodney Barnes

    I have used a person’s car to evaluate a person’s personality for some time. For dating I’m afraid. I will use it for a hiring guide from now on.

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