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Why Statistics?

If one thing could be chosen as the most important tool to use in a business it would be the collection and graphing of statistics.

Statistics or STATs and we call them – are defined as: A number or amount compared to an earlier number or amount of the same thing. Statistics refer to the quantity of work done or the value of it in money. A statistic measures the relative SURVIVAL or NON SURVIVAL of any person, thing or activity. 

Here are some graphs of statistics:

Apples profit:

The, Business, Academy, Stats, Coaching, Training, Healthcare, Chirorpactic, Dental, Veterinarian, Business Growth, Modeling, Examples

Googles growth:

The, Business, Academy, Statistics, Coaching, Training, Marketing, Healthcare
The, Business, Academy, Statistics, Coaching, Training, Marketing, Healthcare

As you can see this is graphing the increase in GOOD conditions. 

What about bad conditions such as:

The, Business, Academy, Statistics, Measure, Success, Marketing, Business, Success, Coaching, Training


Now I didn’t show you these just to depress you – but to show you that the first step. In handling anything is to face it.

In those bad examples, it’s possible that no one is really facing it, they are just nodding sadly and ordering fast food for dinner on credit cards.

 The good thing is that someone somewhere is recording the statistics. From there, something can be done. No matter what state your practice is in – there are statistics that show its health and they are the key to the door out of the struggle. One of the best things about statistics is that they DONT LIE. 

 Ever had staff who seem really busy but you can’t seem to get traction or make money…? But there is always lots of work to do and it seems that everyone is always rushing around? You feel like your going crazy… but every time you look it seems like everyone is working…

Yet something does not add up!

 The solution to this is:

 Each staff member giving an exact statistic that matches their production. This statistic and nothing else, being used to reward, penalize, promote or fire. The combination of all these statistics is used to run the office. What this does is INSTANTLY tell you WHO can produce and who is a fake, wandering about in a daze of pretended production. But how would you use statistics as a TOOL to boom your practice and life.

We at TBA teach this. And it is one of the keys to our clients success:

  1. How to give each staff member an exact statistic and run them using stats alone. 
  2. The precise actions to take, weekly, when the stats are reported at staff meeting.
  3. How to spot non-production via stats and handle it. 
  4. How to take a crashed situation and boom it.
  5. Tools to hold stats in a high range and exactly what to do with dips and booms In production so you never lose your gains.        

Management by statistics, to take the guesswork out of management.

It becomes an exact science.

If you are  the type of person who likes certainly and expansion into wealth – then you need to learn the statistic system of management immediately. 

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