What to Look for when Hiring a Case Manager for your Practice

What to Look for When Hiring a Case Manager


Dr. Gary Rademacher from The Business Academy emphasizes the critical role of a case manager in scaling a chiropractic practice. This position is essential for practices aiming for a staff-driven model and seeking greater freedom in operations.


Role and Importance of a Case Manager


A case manager, also known as a patient educator, plays a pivotal role in the consultation and exam process. They assist in scribing during exams, enabling quicker patient handling. Moreover, they are integral in the report of findings process, educating patients, and managing financial transactions related to care provision. This role is crucial in ‘closing the deal’, marking its importance in any chiropractic office.


Personal Journey and Learning from Mistakes


Dr. Rademacher shares his personal experience, highlighting the learning curve in practice management. Initially, he faced a low patient conversion rate (35%), which was significantly improved (to 75-80%) after training with The Business Academy. This training focused on effective communication and report of findings, vital for patient engagement and retention.


Breaking the Invisible Ceiling for Growth


Dr. Rademacher discusses the concept of an ‘invisible ceiling’ in practice growth, attributing it to the multitasking nature of practice management. This ceiling can be broken by delegating tasks like patient education and report findings to a trained case manager.


Finding the Right Case Manager


The key qualities for an effective case manager include empathy (balanced, not excessive) and belief in the chiropractic service. Sales experience is beneficial but not mandatory, as the primary focus is on the individual’s conviction and motivation. The right candidate can evolve within the organization, potentially ascending to higher management roles.


The Business Academy’s Role in Training and Support


The Business Academy offers specialized training for case managers, equipping them with skills to efficiently handle patient onboarding and education. This training is a cornerstone for practices seeking to scale and shift towards a staff-driven model.




Dr. Rademacher concludes by encouraging practices to reach out to The Business Academy for guidance and support in scaling their practice. He underscores the significance of finding the right personnel to elevate the practice, ultimately leading to its growth and success.

Dr. Gary Rademacher founded Downtown’s Healthcare in Denver in 1997, eventually growing that chiropractic practice to 600 patient visits a week. In 2011, he integrated medical providers into his office, believing that the combination of chiropractic and medicine would provide the best care for his patients. He fully believes in the innate power of the body’s ability to heal itself and that medication and surgery should be a last resort. Dr. Rademacher received the Colorado Chiropractic President’s Award in 2011 and currently co-owns The Business Academy and owns My Injection Training a medical training company that has trained over 200 medical providers on ultrasound guided joint injections. 

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