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What Is Chiropractic Business Training?

The Only Thing Stopping You Is You!

Let’s be frank.
The great majority of chiropractors in the U.S. are not making the money they want to
make. And a lot of chiropractors are not putting away enough money in their retirement
fund. Some don’t even have a retirement fund.
I talk to chiropractors everyday. It is my job. It breaks my heart when I speak to a doc in his or her sixties, and they tell me they have no retirement.
If you fall into any of these categories and you have been in that category for a while
then maybe you could use a little (or a lot of) help in this area. You have heard it before
but it bears repeating:


So then the question becomes: How do you change your actions permanently? Will seminars or webinars or DVDs change your actions? It’s doubtful. At least, they won’t in the long-term. Did you learn the skill of adjusting patients by watching a seminar or DVD?

We have all been to seminars. We get all fired up and go home with the best intentions
of making some changes for the better, only to discover after a month or two has gone
by that we are back to the same ole, same ole.

Again we ask: How do you change your actions permanently?
The only thing that gets a doctor or a doctor’s staff member to change their actions
permanently is REAL TRAINING. What is “real training” Well, it is not seminars or
DVDs or webinars or any other kind of group activity.
Real training is always done one-on-one and in person. You read that right—in person
one-on-one. I’ll say it a third time for those in the back. Real training is done one-on-one in person.
We’re a training school. This is really what makes The Business Academy (TBA)
different from practice management groups. And we’re the only Training School that
specializes in chiropractors. We train our students (doctors and staff members) by
individually tutoring each one.
Remember that. We are a training group not a coaching group. We do seminars and
coaching too, but they would hardly be helpful unless we trained you and your staff first.

The training comes in two parts: Theory Training and Practical Training.

In Theory Training, the student studies a manual under the strict supervision of a tutor.
The tutor is there to guide the student and insure that he understands the material he is
studying. At the end of studying, the student takes an exam to prove he knows the material. The passing standard necessary to move onto Practical Training is 100%. If the student gets less than a 100%, the tutor will locate what the student isn’t understanding and get him to understand it.

In Practical Training, the student will drill actual procedures so that they become second nature to them. This is only achieved after hours of drilling one-on-one with a coach. The coach can be another student studying the same material or it is the tutor himself. If it is another student the tutor supervises to ensure the drilling is performed correctly. The students take turns coaching. Depending on the training course, some students might need to drill for only a couple hours. In other cases, the students might need to drill for ten or more hours.

Since each student learns at their own rate, the amount of hours it takes to get through
any training course varies according to the student’s natural ability to learn.
There is no change in the cost of a training course if a student takes a longer period of
time to learn the skill. When you purchase a training course from the TBA, we will train you until you have acquired the skill that you were supposed to acquire by doing the training course.
Real training permanently changes a person—they learn a new skill. It is like going to
chiropractic college made you a chiropractor. When you graduated, you didn’t call up
another chiropractic college and say, “Hey, can you teach me to be a chiropractor?”
Real chiropractic business training CHANGES your business skills and that helps you
make more income. Change your skills and you change your practice.
It’s as simple as that.
It is simple, but there are some barriers. One of the biggest barriers in helping most
chiropractors is that they wait too long to ask for help. When they do call us and we
explain our training program, they want the training, but they have no money or credit to pay for it.

I told you we’re a training school not a charity. It’s too bad. Because when I see our clients having success in a very short period of time on our program, it makes me think of all the other chiropractors who I wasn’t able to enroll in our training program.
The main reason why was they waited too long to ask for help. Now they are stuck and
just paying their bills each month with no profit.

TBA is in the business of helping chiropractors and their staff members achieve professional and financial success. What’s my best advice? Don’t wait. Don’t be the guy or gal in their sixties with no retirement.

Call us now at 888-989-0855 for a free discovery call. The calls are all free. So really
the only thing stopping you from calling us is … you!

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