Lunch and Learns: Boots on the Ground Corporate Marketing


In a recent video, Dr. Gary Rademacher introduces his insights on corporate marketing and patient acquisition. He emphasizes the effectiveness of ‘lunch and learn’ events as a marketing strategy.


The Need for Diverse Marketing Strategies

Dr. Rademacher underscores the importance of multiple patient acquisition avenues. He reflects on how legislative changes and the COVID-19 pandemic impacted his practice, highlighting the necessity for adaptable marketing approaches.


Grassroots Marketing: A Key to Success

He advocates for grassroots, guerrilla-style marketing, such as distributing flyers, organizing events, and especially conducting lunch and learns. These strategies are noted for their effectiveness, particularly in business-centric areas.


Lunch and Learns as a Marketing Tool

Dr. Rademacher elaborates on lunch and learns, presenting them as an easy, cost-effective way to attract new patients. He notes the high conversion rate of attendees into patients.


Effective Engagement Through Lunch and Learns

In these events, Dr. Rademacher focuses on common health issues like ergonomics and prolonged sitting. The sessions include mini consultations and evaluations, aiding attendees in recognizing their health concerns.


Interactive and Educational Approach

Dr. Rademacher engages attendees through surveys, physical tests, and discussions, facilitating self-diagnosis. This interactive method significantly boosts the chances of attendees seeking further consultation.


High Conversion Rate and Patient Acquisition

He highlights the success of these events, where a high percentage of attendees book appointments. Dr. Rademacher shares his experience of gaining numerous new patients from just one lunch and learn session weekly.


Comparing Marketing Strategies

Dr. Rademacher compares this direct, in-person approach to more costly and impersonal methods like social media advertising, emphasizing the effectiveness and affordability of grassroots marketing.


Call to Action and Learning Opportunity

The video concludes with Dr. Rademacher urging viewers to be proactive in their marketing efforts and offers an opportunity to learn more through The Business Academy.


This video serves as a crucial guide for healthcare professionals seeking to enhance their patient acquisition methods through practical, engaging marketing techniques.

Dr. Gary Rademacher founded Downtown’s Healthcare in Denver in 1997, eventually growing that chiropractic practice to 600 patient visits a week. In 2011, he integrated medical providers into his office, believing that the combination of chiropractic and medicine would provide the best care for his patients. He fully believes in the innate power of the body’s ability to heal itself and that medication and surgery should be a last resort. Dr. Rademacher received the Colorado Chiropractic President’s Award in 2011 and currently co-owns The Business Academy and owns My Injection Training a medical training company that has trained over 200 medical providers on ultrasound guided joint injections. 

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