Increase Business Production During the Hardest Times

Quentin Terpstra

Quentin Terpstra

VIP Business Development

Take the Step in the Right Direction!

These past couple of months have been so hectic, every Chiropractic practice is suffering, correct?


Some of our clients have actually experienced GROWTH during these difficult times.

Positioning yourself as the health expert of your community helps, but at the end of the day…


Starting to walk in the correct path today will yield great success in the future. The time is NOW!

Communication has dropped due to social distancing and the unexpected turn of events. The first step to battle this change is to increase the amount of communication throughout all social media channels. Staying connected to your audience is crucial in keeping relevance. This applies to internal management as well! Doctors communicating with your staff, managers communicating to seniors, seniors communicating with juniors, and juniors communicating back. 

Not only is communication in a downward spiral but production level is as well! Everyone is working from home and the chances are they aren’t as productive as if they were in the office. This isn’t criticism but just straight facts! In order to maintain and increase production is through the boost of morale. Whether that’s implementing an incentive program or injecting more fun into the tasks, bottomline is communication!

Check out the video above and get some insight on what you are giving up by remaining idle! Visit our site to see how utilizing our services can help your practice get through these times with ease.

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