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At The Business Academy, we empower our clients to become powerful executives with the confidence to expand their practice empire while balancing their personal goals.

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The Business Academy is a healthcare business coaching and training company. TBA helps Doctors build and strengthen their practices using effective, modern marketing and proven business systems. We focus on driving results, bringing in new patients with the latest in digital marketing. Our niche in a variety of healthcare verticals makes us the preferred digital partner with practices throughout North America. Our entire growth and coaching team is a purpose-driven group of powerful mentors, implementation specialists and cutting-edge coaches all here to help your business serve more people. Join the TBA family today and start making your goals into reality.

Our client Dr. Andrew Wright just had his first $1,000,000 year in practice while keeping his weekly patient visit count under 200. With TBA training, Dr. Wright can support his family, achieve his personal goals, and heal his community. That is the power of The Business Academy.

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