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Avoiding Working Pointlessly To Create Your Business’s Legacy

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Avoiding Working Pointlessly To Create Your Business’s Legacy

Why do businesses grow then collapse? Or why do businesses hit a certain level and then never get above this level no matter what you do?

Why do businesses grow then collapse?

Or why do businesses hit a certain level and then never get above this level no matter what you do?

Let me give you a bit of insight into the world of the growth and decay or the growth and stagnation of practices.

The reasons are: 


Here’s a story that will illustrate this.

Let’s say we have a chiropractor called Bill. Bill starts off full of hopes and dreams. He’s going to have a big booming practice.

He gets started and opens with fanfare – he has his wife working in there as well. He hires people and gets everyone rolling and they figure out how to run things, and the practice grows to 200+/week patients over a few years.

Time goes by…things start getting really busy. The staff feel they are overworked now. Things start getting lost in the shuffle, patients fall off, patients are put back on, things are a bit crazy, when before they were not, as there was enough time to do everything before.

Bill has the bright idea to hire more staff so the practice will expand and the new staff can take on the increased workload. He hires two more staff and gets them on boarded rapidly and hopes they work out. Things get busier… but the practice does not seem to grow much. 
Now one of his good staff from before is acting up, creating problems. Then one of the new staff quit. 

So he hires another two. One to take the place of the one that quit and another because he is afraid that his rockstar office manager is going to quit…as he saw her internet history and she has found out she can make more somewhere else with the skills she has now…and has been murmuring her dissatisfaction and stress to other staff.

So in all the tension, the office manager goes sour and quits and now Bill is scrambling to fill her position. So he promotes his old Biller to Office Manager and has her do this AND billing.
Now everyone is going nuts. There is more staff but still no growth.

Then his wife wants out due to the stress at work and this starts causing problems at home and now his life has become a living nightmare. He starts having a few beers after work… to handle the stress and starts arriving late…the rot sets in… more staff leave, new ones are hired in desperation. And then he lets a real bad egg, who covertly gets rid of all the rest of his staff and before long it’s just him, the bad egg and 60 patients… and he’s wondering what the heck happened.

It might not be as BAD as the above example, but it all adds up to no growth and no escape.
The Doc is trapped in a stressful hard job. Who wants a stressful hard job with no growth?

Well… there is a precise series of steps that must be followed to prevent this situation or a combination of the above, from happening.

How it happens is not easy to see. But I will explain.




You see everyone who started with the Doc learned as they went along. They figured out the systems and SOPs over the years, as the office grew they learned what to do by trial and error. 

Then it hit a ceiling and things got busy. So they hired someone and tried to train them in what to do. But they did not have any training manuals, no SOPs were written down, and they really did not have the time to train, drill and apprentice the person properly. So they just did the best they could and the person muddled along. 

This is where it gets exciting. The new person starts making mistakes and getting confused and starts tangling things up. Generating MORE confusion and work. This stresses out the staff. So it looks like there is MORE work to do…but the extra work is being generated by the untrained person. Then you add more staff to handle the “extra work” 

These staff are not properly trained, drilled and apprenticed either… so it gets worse.
Your best staff are now being told to handle this, and have all the extra work dumped on them…

They quit… and you are left with a bunch of confused untrained new guys… the practice collapses to a level the new guys can handle… the new guys slowly they learn by trial and error what to do…

You get to 200 patients … things get busy… they cycle repeats. You’re now 65 and spent 35+ years on that wheel.

There is a way off this wheel of doom.

Utilizing training and systems that handle this situation totally
Rapidly turn new staff into stable sane producers. 
Turn confused overwhelmed Docs and Office managers into powerhouses of stability and management wisdom. 

How long does it take? Just Days. 

Don’t be Bill.

Be the YOU that takes your practice where you want it to go.

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