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Initial Patient Interaction

Initial Patient Interaction

hire a cm

Why Hire a CM?

consult part 1

The Consultation Part 1 – OPQRST

consult part 2

The Consultation Part2 – Pamphlets

consult part 3

The Consultation Part 3 – Exam

consult part 4

The Consultation Part 4 –

 Spouse Script

The rof - interaction

The ROF – Introduction 

the rof - pamphlets

The ROF- Pamphlets 

rof- x-ray

The ROF – X-Ray Review


The ROF- Readback

day 2

Day 2 – Scale of 1-10


The ROF – Financial

objection handles

The ROF- Objection Handles

what have you heard

What have you heard about chiro?

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