We Film You

Come to our film studio where we record 100+ videos over the course of 2 1/2 days. Using your own or our ready made scripts.

Quality Crafted

Next our video editors, writers, and graphic designers turn your videos into 1000+ pieces of unique content.


We now take the finished videos, images and audio-clips and publish it on all your social media platforms for the next 6 months.

Real Client Content

Digital Marketing for targeted Expansion in Healthcare

High quality content that brands you as the authority in Chiropractic, Dental, Veterinarian and more


This strategy is used by the leaders of the digital marketing world to generate hundreds of millions of sales.  But now we’re bringing it to you, to help you massively grow your healthcare practice.


We’ve put together hundreds of topics in your industry and we’ve created a dialogue of scripts for you to read. You then come to our film studio in Florida for two and a half days, and we film over 100 videos.  


We go through and process all of the videos, transcribe them, turn them into posts, videos, quote cards, tweets, channel art, and more for all your social platforms and website.


We post thousands of pieces of content for you. It’s non-stop content going on all your social media channels that will last for MONTHS. Scheduled and published by us. 

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