Come to the #1 Chiro Business Summit

July 18th - 20th


A business event for Chiros and Practice Owners to engage in discussions, learn and network with other successful Chiropractors for business success. 

Some of What You'll Find Out:

  • How to use Google inexpensively to get more new patients.
  • How to get better patient retention by using “Key Questions”.
  • How to handle a patient’s objections to the care they really need.
  • How to delegate job duties and create a staff-driven practice.  

If you’ve read the above and you still are hesitant, realize something:

You’re part of the problem. STOP being part of the problem and become part of the SOLUTION. This summit is not a scam. It’s real help and solutions. Bring your staff.

It only costs $49.95 and the doctor gets free lunch!

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The reason is that they and their staff have been trained on the latest in chiropractic business management. That is what is necessary to hit over a million dollars or more per year in collections. We train our clients to become Healthcare Business Owners.

Learn how you too can expand your practice with digital marketing strategies, internal referrals, front desk help, human resources, sales training and so much more!

Most importantly, we help you overcome hurdles in motivating as well as leading your staff to become financially prosperous for YOU and for themselves with bonuses.

Stop working in your practice and start working on your practice today! Doctors on our program are becoming the CEOs they need to be to turn their healthcare offices into expanding, successful businesses. 

Keynote Speakers

Learn from other successful Doctors, Practice Owners, proven business growth experts and optimization specialists who want to help you better serve your communities.

Dr. Gary Rademacher

Dr. Rademacher, a Chiropractor since 1995, founded Downtown’s Healthcare in 1997 in Denver, CO. and created a team of providers in medical, chiropractic, rehab, message therapy and more. Don’t miss his Selling Secrets Seminar! Tips and best practices help you close the deal every time!

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Bob Beilhart

Bob Beilhart has been a wildly successful practice owner. So successful that he’s sharing all of his secrets with you about hiring the right employees to light your practice on fire. Hiring the right talent is super important! Learn from the best.

Healthcare Summit Agenda

This Chiro Summit costs only $49.95!! Call now at 888-989-0855!