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Marketing Guidebook

Lesson 1


Welcome to our Marketing Guidebook! This is your ultimate guide to marketing your practice with confidence! Our team of marketing experts created this guidebook as an all in one resource to take your practice from good to great. We’ve broken up the guidebook into 8 bite sized lessons. Each lesson should only take about 10 minutes to read over. They all contain easy to use templates with clear action steps that are proven to get patients in your door right now. Everything you need to create a successful marketing campaign is included. Let’s get started!

Completing this guidebook will help you:

Who is this guidebook for?

We built this guidebook specifically for Chiropractors. We also provide certain sections for practices that focus on Regenerative Medicine. The marketing strategies we present are proven to get patients in the door. However, the basic principles can be applied to any healthcare practice. Any Chiropractor, marketing manager, office manager, or even receptionist can read over and implement this guidebook. It’s simple, effective, and applicable.