Lesson 3

Fall 2020 Marketing Plan

Rebound From COVID With These Simple Strategies

These bite sized lessons walk you through exactly how to re-establish your current client base and generate referrals. By actually implementing these simple steps, you will:

This means more brand awareness, more patients, and more revenue for you and your practice! 

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Lesson 3:

creating a text and voicemail campaign

Welcome to Lesson Three! This is the third in a short series that will teach you how to re-establish your current client base. In this lesson you will be creating a text and voicemail campaign. 

Texts get read at the highest percentage of any communication form. It’s a very underutilized marketing resource. However, you are limited by character amount and user tolerance. The purpose of your texts is to either get a direct response to book an appointment or to redirect to some other content you’ve posted. We already created some awesome social media content in Lesson Two which we will repurpose here. 

GOAL: Getting your current patients feeling confident enough to book an appointment.

Let’s get started with Step One: Finding A Text Provider.


Finding A Text Provider


Creating Your Texts


Understanding Ringless Voicemails


Voicemail Scripts


BONUS Text and Voicemail Power Combo

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engage & inspire

Get your current client base feeling engaged, inspired, and confident about returning to your practice using the email campaign strategies in this lesson.

make yourself known

Jumpstart your online presence and respark the connection between your practice and your patients with this set of social media postings.

Re-establish your current client base

Time to pick up the phone! Texts, phone calls, and ringless voicemails are the next phase of re-establishing your current client base. 

effectively target your market

The final phase of reaching your current clients might seem old fashioned. Learn how to make the art of handwritten letters work for your practice. 

Get Patient Referrals

Marketing your referral campaign to your patients, and getting them to actually participate, is simple with the email templates included in this lesson. 

utilize Strategic marketing techniques

Market your referral campaign using three effective strategies to get the word out.

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